This New Way To Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Has Finally Passed
(For U.S. Citizens In All 50 States)

Americans are worried — and they have every right to be as violent crime and armed robberies continue to run rampant across the nation.

The past two years have been dreadful for public safety across The U.S. as homicide numbers soared —and in some cases to record levels. The 2021 U.S. murder rate is nearly as high as it was 25 years ago, when more than 19,600 people were killed nationwide, according to a recent report.

The murder rate averaged 6.9 murders per 100,000 people in 2021 – just 0.5 lower than the 1996 murder rate of 7.4, according to FBI data examined by data analyst Jeff Asher and shared by the New York Times. It’s the closest the nation has come to the violent crimewave of the early 1990s.

To make matters worse, movements to defund police and crowdfund criminal bail bonds are still gaining viral support––and let's not forget about the crime, drugs, and mass shooters that are already a major threat to us and our families.

Meanwhile, NOTHING Is Being Done To Help Keep Us Safe

Even worse yet, these elected officials working hard to keep you from getting a concealed carry permit, even though it’s legal!

Today we're looking at the 100% legal method that allows ALL American citizens to apply for their Concealed Carry Permit... and why all Americans should get grandfathered in before this right is taken away...

No government red tape (and no exposing your private info to the Feds). Zero lines, classroom time and gun range time required (You don’t even need to fire a gun to get this permit). The entire process can be completed online in under 20 minutes from the comfort of your own home. You can protect yourself and your family wherever you go with a Concealed Carry Permit - Start The Process Now.

All American Citizens In Good Standing Can Apply For Their Concealed Carry Permit

It’s surprisingly easy to get a Concealed Carry Permit Online that is 100% legal and available to U.S. Citizens living in All 50 States.

What We Discovered

We reached out to a handful of Men and Women who used this online program to successfully obtain a concealed carry permit. It turns out that many were eager to share their success stories including Single Mother Ashley Campbell and Retired Superintendent Wayne Anderson.

“I was scared of guns all my life but I took a step to defeat that fear. Legally bought and registered my gun during the peak of the pandemic last year. Did the required online gun training to learn my responsibilities and liabilities as a gun owner. Completed the class, and got my conceal permit. I was terrified with my first shot, because I realized how powerful the gun is. The gun and the permit to carry it come with a responsibility and liability. I like my gun. :-)” – Ashley Campbell.

"My state passed a Concealed Weapons Permit 30-some years ago but I never felt the need to get one until this past year. With the recent surge of violent crime, law abiding Americans like myself have no choice but to arm up. Getting my CCW was much easier and quicker then I thought by doing it all online. Like many of you, I now pack whenever I travel, to the store, golf course, everywhere."– Wayne Anderson.

Our Readers Can Begin the Risk-Free Process Online. Get Your Concealed Carry Permit Now.

Gun Control Advocacy Groups Are Working Hard To Permanently END This Online Concealed Carry Permit

These organizations continue to gain support by spreading fear, uncertainty, and misinformation across the nation. Every year they protest and lobby for the most outrageous and restrictive firearm related laws possible.

Unfortunately gun control advocacy groups are winning the battle against concealed carry handgun permits. Bill HB264/SB263 passed which permanently shut down the Virginia online concealed handgun permit on Dec. 31,2020 – and now the same politicians and anti-gun rights activists have their sights set on ending this Online CCW.

This Concealed Carry program is available for ALL Americans to apply for, BUT you must act quickly before your right to is taken away forever...

Join the 21.5 MILLION U.S. Citizens who Already have a Concealed Carry Permit! (Tens of Thousands of permits are processed this way every month! Avoid the headache of in-person classes and waiting! Start carrying concealed from the comfort of your own home, before laws change!...)

How Do I Get My CCW?

Step 1:Select Your State Below.

Step 2: Answer A Few Basic Questions To Confirm Your Eligibility.

Step 3: Receive Your Concealed Carry Permit–Before The Laws Change!